In the end we left on the 13th May - unlucky 13, hadn't thought of that before, and went straight into a gale.  I think though that if we hadn't gone then we would have returned home because we just couldn't spare the time.

I was so ill!  I had stopped taking the Stugeron while in Ireland, big mistake.  The winds were Force 8-9 and we ended up bare poles going 6 knots.  I was a complete wimp and lay sick and weak on the bunk while the three guys battled the weather.  At one point water gushed in like a waterfall through the skylight type hatch in the saloon.  I observed it and weakly got up to dab at the electrics and books that it had landed on then returned to the bunk clasping my water bottle  not caring whether I lived or died.  However on the third day I arose and felt better. From then things looked up although we encountered fog and a shipping lane - that was quite hairy.  However dolphins were riding beside us at that point and so I felt that was a good omen.  Got to La Coruna and returned home.

I think this pain, like childbirth, forgettable and so will do it all again  ....................... the moment we have been sailing locally. trying out new wind vane steering, new engine, oven etc - we are very poor now!   Plan to cross Biscay again in July but feel we can't ask for crew as we know ourselves how difficult it is hanging around and the pressure there is to go when you shouldn't.

Jinti’s take on Biscay  the first time !!

From e-mails :


We have just spent the weekend up at Gordonstoun which was really super and the weather was fantastic.  I expect the weather is just waiting for me to leave Kinsale for the Bay of Biscay to play a nasty trick and whip up a storm. We leave on Thursday so pray to the wind Gods to send us favourable winds for the next two weeks.




Left Ardrossan on the 3rd May and got to Kinsale a few  days later, no problems and did watches and things - weather was benign and the dawn watch the best seeing a moon retreat from the stage in one direction as the sun rose in the other -spectacular.  When we got to Kinsale the winds were, as usual, all in the wrong direction and so we waited, and waited and eventually Andy and I took ourselves off to Cork for a few days, cursing at the waste of time.