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Stretchy Water Hoses - love them or loath them?

It was love at first use and then, as one hose after another failed, it became loathing!! I decided to do better - first, some hoses are stronger than others.  The dark green hoses from xxxxx are more robust than the light green ones from Amazon.  Second, the hoses fail at the “ends” where tight bends induce sharp edges, that is at the tap and the tank.  So ease the bends at each end with semi rigid hoses and route the hose while pressurized, you need an on/off tap/valve at the delivery end to achieve this.  Result, so far, a reliable hose!

Green flexi hose joined to the blue hose taking a long gentle curve to deliver water to the tank.

Flexi hose joined via the pink hose to the water supply.  The combination of pressure and the rigidity of the pink hose allows easy deployment of the hose to the water tank inlet.

Dark green hose on left, strong, durable, my choice along with on/off valve in black.

Light green hose on right , prone to leaks, breaks etc.

Pink semi rigid hose links flexi hose to water supply and takes the pain of an abrupt corner.

Blue semi rigid hose, ensures that the water goes into the tank, not along the the deck!

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