After the drama of our May Biscay trip on “Rain Again” we returned to Fife and Selkie Dancer, impatient to head south on our own account.  In June  we finished the upgrades to Selkie Dancer and handed over our High Street Property to “Potterabout ltd”.  On a more relaxed note we had a week ‘shaking down’ Selkie Dancer with friends on the western sea lochs of the Clyde.  Alasdair’s photos tell the tale.  

Mark, Mark - Certsub , one o’clock, same!

Experimenting with the storm jib

Andy mastering the ‘AIS’

Our guest crew - earning Mediterranean Sea Miles

2007 - June - work up

New - wind vane steering

Jinti, with the aid of ‘Handy Billy’, recovering Andy in MOB drill