Selkie Dancer

Swim Platform

The Oyster 406 came with a two part ladder, the top fixed and parallel to the inclined transom, the bottom hinged and folding up to lie along the top section. For those with a surplus of upper body strength it was adequate but, for those without, climbing up the reverse incline was difficult.  As a first step we moved the top section to the vertical by extending the lower fixing tubes, better but not ideal.  Then we saw the platform on another 406, Rapaz, and imitated it. The problem was how to incorporate the hydrovane.  We gave the problem to Axxx Yat Marine, Marmaris, and he came up with a sculpture that met our every need. The ladder is hinged to the platform and off set to port, in line with the hydrovane, to allow free use of the boarding plank or paserelle.

2010 - 2015
Folding Vertical. An improvement on the original, but still a struggle

Ladder and swim platform

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