2010  Overview

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and in Conclusion ..........

We had a vintage year.  How come ?  Well we reached the Ionian in our own boat - the aspiration when we first dreamed of doing so ten years ago on a flotilla holiday.    The passage from Sardinia via Tunisia, and Malta provided variety and challenge along with our first tuna.  Greece has easily met our expectations - friendly people, clear protected and warm water, sun sun sun, glorious scenery and day after day on the anchor.  We have made the adjustment from passage making, with its underlying demand to keep moving, to cruising.  So now it is slow down, linger and enjoy, share hopefully with friends.   In doing so I have had time to understand the boat better and give thought to how best adapt to the sun on one hand, torrential rain on the other.  To cap it all we have been blessed with our first grandchild and another daughter in law.

For the record 1900 nautical sea miles on 620 litres of diesel.  Further stats in due course.

#andinconclusion For those who want more than boats  - a wedding !!!