Solar panel  powering auto pilot, radio, navigation systems  etc but not the fridge !!

Jinti’s literary imagination lies dormant after the success of her CBIS (cannot believe I’m sixty) party.

So all you get this month is a brief SITREP.

Things are going to plan !! A dangerous statement, we are gently meandering around the Ionian - entertaining and entertained.  We have just circum- navigated Corfu with friends and without incident.   

On the technical front I am pleased to report that the winter enhancements are working well, specifically:

Entertaining and entertained

Enlarged stabilizer

A brace of dancers ?


Selkie Dancer’s “Delta” anchor at 4 metres depth - the shaft is painted to make it easier to spot and assess - in this case a good drop in sand.  The little fishes add credibility.

Deck shower on test

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anchored in the Ionian