2012 Overview

First thoughts on 2012 (before we set out):
Mid April, May, June - Aegina to Aegina via the blue line.  Late August and September through the Corinth Canal - to a winter lay over - probably Preveza- yellow line.
As ever we are curious to see what actually happens!!

Andy - 1 Feb ‘12

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June & July

2012 .. update

We had a great “2012 Part I” - our passage north, inside Evia, was pretty much to plan.  However we did not follow the blue line above as we did not get  north of the Sporades and so have unfinished business!  I was surprised at the lack of other yachts outside the established cruising areas and the relative coldness of the water.  

For 2012 Part II we intend a clockwise passage round the Cyclades to the Dodeconese and back to the Athens area. The yellow line on the chart above won’t happen.

The intention for 2013 is to return to the Sporades and continue clockwise round the Aegean to end up in the Dodecanese again.

Watch this spot!!

Andy, 30 July 2012

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Looking Back on 2012

An interesting year - it did not run as originally envisaged!!  Our spring cruise started earlier than normal allowing us unfettered access to the Aegina area and then a passage north inside Evia largely on our own.  The surprise was how much cooler the water got as we moved north (snow melt from Greek mountains and the Black Sea). By early June we were enjoying the Northern Sporades and back in Charter Yacht waters.  That said there were plenty of empty anchorages.  We did not have time to go further North to the Chalkidiki peninsulas, but hope to go there in early 2013. Our return to Aegina via Skiros, and the Northern Cyclades was wonderful - little harbours, lovely people, interesting places and opportunities to explore.  By the time we got back to Aegina in late June the season was in full swing.  With friends and relatives we took full advantage and found much to keep us amused - from tangled anchors to on stage drama at Epidhavros.  After a brief month home we were, by late August, heading east through the Cyclades hoping that the Meltemi would abate for September - some hope!  So it was that when not sheltering we were sailing - fast.  The Cyclades had their share of charter yachts, not to be envied, many faced difficult return passages without the option of waiting for a gentler passage.  The Dodecanese off the the Turkish coast found us back with the charter fleets.   Kamari at the west end of Kos provided shelter, hire cars and easy access to the airport - at first it seemed rather un-prepossessing but we soon became fond of it.  The hydrovane found plenty of employment on our cruise around the Southern Dodecanese and later on the passage west and then north back through the Cyclades - by now virtually empty but with warm seas, sunny days, gentle winds and ever reducing daylight. Over the year we covered some 1800 miles without ever needing the navigation lights.

We ended the year knowing that Greece will hold us for at least another year before releasing us to explore Turkey.

Andy - Jan 2013

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April & May

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May & June


.. did we stick to the new plan for Part II ?

.. yes, pretty well

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2012 Photos