Plans for 2013?
Vague - Selkie Dancer is ashore at Evoiko Sea Centre some 50 miles north of Athens. We intend to drive out and back in the Spring to transfer equipment and prepare her for an immediate launch in late May.  After launching we head north for friend and family commitments in the Northern Sporades before heading north again for the Chalkidiki peninsular.  After that probably down the east of the Aegean looking for somewhere to lay up for July/August.  Autumn - who knows!

In the past month we have been to the London boat show where we/I  :

I look forward to writing more on these in the coming year.


Update 2 Aug ‘13

 We are now home and preparing for the Autumn Cruise.  After meeting our sister ship RAPAZ it is clear that we need to go to Turkey to get some stainless steel work done - specifically a new bimeni and swim platform.  So that is the plan - Kavalla, Samothraki, Limnos, Lesvos, Hios, Samos and keep going to Marmaris.  Will keep you informed!


What you need to know

Drive to Greece - see Jinit’s account on the next page “Overland to the Sea”.  What you need to know - petrol same price in France and Greece, 10 cents more per litre in Italy.  Together tolls and Mont Blanc tunnel about the same cost per mile as petrol.  Ferry to Ancona to Ignoumitsa probably worth the cost in terms of saved hotel, tolls and petrol.  Booked hotels and ferries at last minute via Internet, low season - no problem.

some 2013 Photos  

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Overland Route - April 2013

2013 positions and routes

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