Selkie Dancer

The Holding Tank - we arrived in the Med without a holding tank. In Spain we deicided to fit one in the forward “heads” and designate it the “poo loo”. I made a mock up - just as well - it fitted the allocated cupboard space but would not go through the entrance door! Suitably adjusted the bespoke 55 litre tank fits perfectly. The Henderson pump moves the effluent up to the tank, and gravity allows it down once the Blake seacock is opened.

Ringed in red the twin air vents- ideally they should exhaust in different places to induce a cross flow - next time!  Ringed in brown is the deck pump out fitting, vertically above the tank outlet to allow rodding.  Most blockages are cleared by corking the air vents and carefully pumping to increase tank pressure to blow out the blockage.

The mock up holding tank

Forward “heads” or “poo-loo”.  The white holding tank is in the cupboard  top left.

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Salt water and urine combine to make a solid that needs to be cleared.  I remove the discharge pipe and gently bash it on the pontoon before rodding, pulling through, flushing with hydrochloric acid and replacing - allow ½ a day.