You can follow our adventures in earlier years. The overviews are of interest as they set out our intentions for the coming years; more interesting is what actually happens. In 2005 (our first year with Selkie Dancer) we have our passages planned in detail; within a couple of years we are setting off with little idea of where we will be at year end! Over the decade information technology develops to become both reliable and complex, but as we age it becomes ever more difficult to keep up so there are gaps and overwriting but perfection is boring - good enough will do. Click on a year and read on …..

2005 - 2017

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2012 Photos

2016 Leros, Turkey to Messolonghi 2015 Leros, Istanbul, Crete, Leros 2014 Dodeconese and Turkey 2013 Road Trip, UK - Greece  2013 Halkoutsi, Thasos & Marmaris 2012 - 1 Aegina, Sporades, Aegina 2012 - 2 Aegina, Simi to Halkoutsi 2011 Corfu, Peleponese, Aegina 2010 Cagliari, Ionian, Corfu 2009 Valencia, Balearics, Cagliari 2008 Almerimar, Balearics, Valencia

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2017 Messolonghi, Croatia, Gouvia