February. We spent 10 days on Selkie Dancer in early February, enjoying 5 days of sun followed by 5 of chilly winds from the North. The maintenance tasks were routine, replacing the steaming & decklight assembly, rewiring the bilge pump, new clutches for the halyard and topping lift, freeing off the gearbox filler, re-fitting the B&G cockpit control unit, replacing worn clamps on the propshaft seal, fitting a new pump in the aft heads and other minor tasks. Tasks interspersed with walks; the time passed quickly but tension rose as we wondered if the wind would be too strong for our flight home. It was not; just as well as the ferry was on strike and I needed to be in Southampton for a 4 day course leading to a Long Range (Radio) Certificate. A good course that demystified HF/SSB and satellite communications - but will I ever use it?

Intentions. We have long since abandoned the idea of the East Mediterranean Yacht Rally, which encompasses Turkey, Cyprus, Lebanon, Israel, and Egypt. We expressed interest early last year but have heard nothing since. I suspect the Rally has been overtaken by events. So now we intend to head east from Leros and along the Turkish coast to Antalya before returning to the Dodeconese and continuing west through the Corinth Canal to position Selkie Dancer for a passage in 2017 up through the Ionian to the Adriatic. Let us see what happens.

December - Looking Back.  In the event we stuck to the intentions set out above.  We enjoyed our passage to the marina at Kremer via the outlying Greek island of Kastellorizo.  From Kremer we explored the Antalya area. We returned to the Dodeconese and crossed the Cycladies and Poros entertaining friends along the way. We left Selkie Dancer on a mooring at Poros for 6 weeks in July and August.  The mooring was a great success.  After the break we went through the Corinth and spent the rest of the summer in the south Ionian.  We finished the season at the beginning of October (relatively early) with Selkie Dancer afloat at Messolonghi for the winter.

Selkie Dancer’s position & Passages in 2016

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