Selkie Dancer

Photovoltaic (PV) panels.

The genset was unreliable from day one of our ownership, and the addition of PV panels was a high priority but, for ascetic reasons, not on a stern arch.  After seeing panels attached to a modified pushpit, we decide to follow suit.  So we extended the stainless steel pushpit forward to the next SET OF stanchions on each side and added 2 PV panels and associated controllers.  The panels can be adjusted as required.  On entering a confined area we move them to the vertical for safety and leave them in the vertical when the boat is ashore or unattended. In the vertical they keep the house batteries charged. On a sunny med day the panels generate 7 amps, enough to keep the fridge cool - day and night.

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Panels parked in the vertical

Panels at work catching the sun from starboard

Pushpit before extension