2017  Intentions.  

We intend to sail north from Messolonghi for Croatia in early May.  We will remain in the Adriatic and leave Selkie Dancer at Monfalcone or somewhere adjacent for the winter of 2017/18 with the intention of returning south to Sicily or Greece for the winter of 2018/19.

1 Apr Update.

Yup - we are “go”.  Depart Messolonghi as planned above, leave Selkie Dancer in Split mid July, return late August, long weekend in Venice late Sept, and Monfalcone for mid Oct.

24 July - Update.

All change - we motored Selkie Dancer (30 hours) all the way from Corfu to Cavtat in southern Croatia.  En route we listened to yachts dealing with the Port Authorities of Albania and Montenegro and concluded that we would visit Albania by car, but include Montenegro in our planning for next year or the year after. There is much to say about Croatia but I will just hit my bullet points - the sailing season is shorter, in my view about a month shorter at each end.  We have now revised our plans to prolong our 2017 season.  Thus we will return to Greece in September with the intention of sailing there until the third week of October.  Next year we will make a dash for Venice and meander south exploring the north of Croatia and the areas  we are now familiar with.

Croatia - things to consider

21 Oct - Update

Selkie Dancer is now in Gouvia Marina for the winter.  We stuck to our revised plan and returned to Agana, near Split, in August.  I knew we had to replace the cutlass bearing while the boat was ashore and decided to replace the PPS prop shaft seal at the same time.  On our first night back it became obvious that our “house” batteries had expired - after 5½ years they owed us nothing.  Nonetheless we decided to take up residence in the tower that dominates Agana.  From here we hired a car to explore Trogir and Split while replacing the batteries, PPS and cutless bearing. Maintenance complete we headed South West to depart Croatia and entered Italy at VIeste and then headed SE to leave Italy for Greece from Otranto.  Italy was delightful but largely a passage from port to port, the crossing to Greece a great sail and the subsequent month in Greek waters just a confirmation that we love Greece above all others!!

The plan for 2018 is as described in the July update above.

2017 Messolonghi, Croatia, Gouvia

2017 Passage Chart

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