2018  Intentions - as of 1 Mar  12 Apr 2018

We spent a couple of weeks on Selkie Dancer at the end of January during which we had the standing rigging replaced and discovered that the radar had come to the end of its useful life.  We had a lovely spell of weather between strong winds.  The first bout of wind delayed the mast removal by 5 days and the second cancelled our flight from Corfu to Athens.  We intend to return to Gouvia on 16 April to prepare for this year’s passage north to Rimini and Venice in May.  Then we will cross to Croatia and come slowly south through June before crossing back to Italy to leave Selkie Dancer at Brindisi Agana, Croatia, for July and August.  In September we intend to explore Sicily and to leave Selkie Dancer at Ragusa, Sicily, for the winter of 2018/19.  In 2019 we will return to Greece with the view to finding a long term base from which we can make shorter but more frequent passages - time will tell!

Situation - 27 June, Agana

End of Act I - it has all worked out pretty well.  We returned to Gouvia and new rigging in April, hosted US friends on a shake down week to Mourtos and then headed north.  Heading north was a four day passage direct to Venice, with a drama everyday, as ever we learnt a lot - see Jinti’s blog.  Venice exceeded expectations, possibly because we shared our time with 3 sets of friends and Selkie Dancer in the privileged marina of Certoza.  After 9 days we made another passage to Rimeni to spend a weekend with Leitizia and to explore both Rimeni and Ravenna.  From Rimeni to Croatia, we checked in at Pola and then meandered south to Agana, without any visitors.  Our relationship with Croatia remains in the love/hate class - pretty with great sailing versus cool climate (relative to the Aegean) and cool people (relative to Greece and Italy).  Selkie Dancer is in great shape with many minor improvements and most systems working well.  I am especially pleased with the new navigation system and the addition of USB ports in the cockpit and navigation area.  So now, after 1152 nautical miles, we are off to Scotland before returning in August for family visits and our passage to Sicily.

Situation - 6 September , Agana

Act II, Scane 1 - We have enjoyed  having two of our families on or about the boat over the past 3 weeks, not concurrently!  Jinti’s blog says it all and is nicely illustrated.  Sailing or travelling with children requires a different mind set - idyllic anchorages are OUT - too quiet.  On our return to Agana we found that the fridge would not charge up and have decided to replace the compressor with an air cooled unit vice water.  As I write we await the delayed technician.   Once working we head off to Vis and Italy en route for Selkie Dancer’s winter berth in Sicily.

16 October - Marina di Ragusa (MDR)

Year End - after 1923 nm we are here at MDR.  Over the past weeks we dallied in Vis, from whence we checked out of Croatia, crossed to Vinisce, followed last year’s passage to the heel of Italy and then crossed the instep, by way of Leuca, Crotone, Roccella Ionica and Capo Spartivento to Syricusa.  Here we anchored, supposedly in shelter, to sit out increasing NE winds in what became known as a Medicane.  I was alarmed to see F10 on the NAVTEX for our sea area, albeit on the other (east) side.  Jinti’s cousins had an unscheduled 3 days in a hotel before we could embark them for a brief visit to Catania.  Here we collected String and Ben before returning for a more relaxed visit to Syracuse and then on to MDR.  At MDR we met three of the boats that sat out the Medicane with us at Syracuse.  The weather has broken and we are ready for our return to the UK.  Needless to say we have a plan for 2019 - it starts with a rapid passage north to Naples and a meander south to go anti-clockwise round Sicily, south to Malta and east to leave SD in Brindisi or Corfu for July/August, thereafter on to Piraeus or Marmaris for the winter of 2019/20.  Watch this spot!!

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